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Ryan di Domenico

I was one of the many unfortunate victims of unemployment during the onset of the Covid pandemic. After nearly two years’ worth of interviews, with every one reaching the 2nd or 3rd phase, I just couldn’t quite seem to seal the deal. I came to Abigail with my problem, and she took the time to help me prepare correctly, giving me excellent advice as well as offering readings and video suggestions to buffer my confidence and give me the knowledge and skills I needed during the interview process.

The very next job interview I attended, went from first to second round, and finally, after the third round, I was hired for the position. I have no doubt in my mind that it was Abigail’s help and coaching that saw me through this round of interviews, and I’m enjoying an incredible career with a brilliant company as a result. She was instrumental in the process of rebuilding my life post-lockdown and beyond, quite literally. Her warm caring spirit, cheerful and optimistic demeanour make all the difference. She is utterly unique and brilliant, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Zethu Makuwa

Kamehla Bakery

I had the privilege to be mentored by Mrs A semono. I had never been in the type of business I’m venturing into. Honestly, without her help and expertise I wouldn’t have made it thus far. She displayed so much knowledge and remained humble enough to let me do it and learn from my mistakes that she would have corrected. My very first business plan is because of her being there to guide me and push me out of all my comfort zones.

Abigail is a true leader because she leads by example. She is hands on and will never make you feel as though she is important.  She makes it all about her clients.  You will actually feel like she is working for you. Her consistency is unbelievable and she is the woman she wants to be.

Ka Mehla Bakery has survived 2 years. A company that started in the heart of the pandemic and has survived it all. We remain forever grateful to have crossed paths and well received the knowledge she has passed on to us. (Ka Mehla Bakery)


Ithabeleng Manyala

My name is Ithabeleng Manyala and I work as a trainee at Munich. I hold a degree in Actuarial Science and an honours degree in Financial Engineering. The myths about these degrees are that one will find a job quickly. I was unemployed since 2016, and never passed interviews.

I realised that my approach to interview was incorrect. Last year a friend of mine introduced me to Abigail to get proper interview lessons. Abigail gave me materials to go through before our sessions. The sessions were pretty amazing, Abigail made me realize things that I didn’t think of, she made me see everything in a different light. 

We talked about smiling, speaking from the heart and being confident when answering a question which helps a lot. One of my highlights was tackling the “tell me about yourself” question which she emphasized with clear and concise explanations. She also touched on physical presentation, verbal and non-verbal communication. Then, I was confident and could speak from the heart. After all of these, I finally managed to land a job and started working in February 2022. Abigail helped me in every way a person can be helped. I will forever be grateful for this; she truly is an amazing person!! 


Zinhle Kgonyane

Supply Chain Career

My name is Zinhle and I started my journey with Abigail on the 19th of May 2018 at one of her seminars. It was the first time I ever did a vision board. Thereafter, we had sessions where she always reminded me to never give up. Fast-forward to 2022, what I had on my board is fulfilled. Remember that a vision board is a reminder to stay focused on what you want to achieve. I can proudly say that I have a car, a house and a job that I wanted and needed.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank Abigail for all the guidance and support. She has always celebrated my small and big wins and has motivated me to want more. “Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing, only a few people know their purpose on earth and you are one of them”

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